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Himadri Energy, a privately held firm headquartered in Haryana, India, since its inception on February 14, 2022, has been steadfast in its dedication to advancing global climate solutions. Our core mission centres on crafting holistic initiatives aimed at curbing emissions and offsetting environmental impact, particularly through the generation of carbon and plastic credits that promote social welfare. We pride ourselves on advocating for evidence-based strategies, forging partnerships with projects aligned with such strategies, and channeling climate financing towards pioneering endeavors in emerging economies.

Drawing upon our specialised knowledge, Himadri Energy excels in conceiving and executing impactful initiatives both within India and across the globe, all geared towards the reduction of carbon and plastic emissions.

Our Services

Support carbon project development

We are deeply committed to supporting the development of carbon projects across various sectors, leveraging our expertise to drive meaningful impact in the fight against climate change. Our focus extends to several key areas, each playing a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and advancing sustainability.

One of our primary avenues for carbon project development lies in the promotion of renewable energy initiatives. By investing in and advocating for the adoption of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power, we strive to displace carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

Embracing the principles of nature-based solutions, we work to harness the immense potential of natural ecosystems in carbon sequestration and climate mitigation.


Recognizing the urgent need to address the global plastic pollution crisis, we actively support projects aimed at reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic waste.


GHG accounting for Industries and Organizations

Carbon Advisory to achieve net zero targets

Our suite of services encompasses GHG accounting tailored to industries and organizations. We specialize in meticulously tracking and analyzing emissions data, providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of their carbon footprint. Through this detailed assessment, we offer insights into emission sources, patterns, and trends, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about reducing their environmental impact. In addition to GHG accounting, we offer strategic carbon advisory services aimed at assisting clients in achieving their net zero targets. Our approach involves collaborating closely with organizations to develop customized roadmaps for carbon neutrality.

Enactment of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement - host country and buyer side

The implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement marks a significant advancement in the global fight against climate change, introducing mechanisms for international collaboration to enhance emission reduction efforts. Let’s delve into the details of Article 6, considering both the perspectives of host countries and buyers:

Host Country Perspective: For host countries, Article 6 offers a platform to undertake emission reduction projects and generate ITMOs.


Buyer Side Perspective: From the buyer's standpoint, Article 6 provides an avenue to meet emission reduction targets by purchasing ITMOs from host countries.


Article 6.4 addresses the transition from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol to the new mechanisms established under the Paris Agreement. This transition involves the seamless transfer of projects and associated emission reductions or removals from the CDM to the new framework.


Generating revenue through monetizing carbon credit

Maximize Your Impact: Monetize your emission reductions and contribute to global climate action. Our end-to-end services, from project assessment to market access, optimize revenue generation while driving meaningful environmental change

  • Assessment and Project Identification
  • Project Development and Implementation:
  • Verification and Certification
  • Market Access and Trading
  • Revenue Optimization and Reinvestment

Our Vision

A transition of carbon for a good and sustainable planet.

Our approach to project development is built on partnerships and collaboration. We invest our own resources to work with on-ground partners to create and implement plastic crediting projects and share the benefits.

Our experienced team meets with interested parties to explain the method's scope and discuss project possibilities that fit the operations and activities of the company. For evaluation, a business case is created.

Himadri’s technical team completes a pre-project plastic credit assessment once the business case is approved. This gives the initial cost-benefit case and assesses project potential across all eligible methods.

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