Enactment of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Enactment of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement - host country and buyer side

The implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement marks a significant advancement in the global fight against climate change, introducing mechanisms for international collaboration to enhance emission reduction efforts. Let’s delve into the details of Article 6, considering both the perspectives of host countries and buyers:


  • Host Country Perspective: For host countries, Article 6 offers a platform to undertake emission reduction projects and generate ITMOs. These ITMOs represent quantifiable reductions or removals of greenhouse gas emissions achieved through various initiatives within the host country. By engaging in such activities, host nations can not only contribute to global emission reduction goals but also access financial support and technological expertise from international partners.
  • Buyer Side Perspective: From the buyer’s standpoint, Article 6 provides an avenue to meet emission reduction targets by purchasing ITMOs from host countries. By acquiring ITMOs, buyers can offset their own emissions while supporting sustainable development initiatives elsewhere. This creates a symbiotic relationship where buyers benefit from cost-effective emission reduction solutions while host countries receive financial incentives to implement mitigation projects.